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Weddings by Registered Marriage Celebrant

   marriage celebrant Jeanette McDonald

Registered Marriage Celebrants conduct six in ten marriage registered in Australia. An Authorised Marriage Celebrant can marry a couple anytime, anywhere, any place on Australian soil, water or airspace.

This allows the couple more freedom of choice to marry on a boat, on the beach, in a park, garden or at home. Couples may choose to marry anytime from dawn to sunset or even midnight if that were a special request. Weddings come in all styles to reflect the wishes of the couple including barefoot and casual right through to very formal.

A Civil Marriage Ceremony can include traditions and rituals from other cultures or belief systems. Ideally a ceremony reflects the wishes of the couple whatever they may be. I work closely with couples to ensure that the ceremony reflects their deepest desires and wishes. Your ceremony is an important part of the entire day as this is where you make promises to each other in front of witnesses. These are special and profound moments in your life so it requires some thoughtful planning.

Legal Requirements

A Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with the celebrant sometime between eighteen months and one full month before your wedding date. I will need to see an original birth certificate or extract for each person. If either person has been married previously, then I need to see evidence of the dissolution of that marriage.  This may have occurred through divorce or death of a partner. This requires you to bring along divorce documents or a death certificate.


****Click here to download Notice of Intended Marriage!!!!!****

Organising Marriage from Overseas

Some couples plan to marry in Australia although one or both may be living overseas. The wedding arrangements can be planned and organised via fax, post and email.  If you have relatives living here in Australia then some of the details may be organised by your family members. This is not unusual in our changing times and changing circumstances.

My professional fee is all inclusive and covers: