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Naming Ceremonies

namingsMany parents choose to have a naming ceremony as a celebration of the birth of their child at which time they can introduce and welcome this child into their greater circle of friends and family. Sometimes a naming ceremony will also be for siblings where all children in the family are introduced at once.  Naming ceremonies can take place for adolescents and adults as well. Occasionally it will be a special Naming day for  all family members, parents included.

 A naming ceremony does not have legal status. It is a civil ceremony. It does not involve a religious faith however it may include traditions from other cultures or beliefs. For many people it is a time of spiritual significance and will hold special memories for the family.

Parents often chose themes or ideas of family significance for inclusion in their naming day. Popular ideas included in the ceremony are tree planting, candle lighting, treasure chests and wish fulfilling trees.

On the day your child’s name will be entered into a Naming
Register and will be signed by parents, celebrant and others
chosen to fulfil specific roles such as godparents, guardians or
mentors. Your child will receive a Certificate of Naming.
Godparents and guardians will receive a certificate as a keepsake.

baby namingsMy professional fee is all inclusive and covers:

  • Planning booklet which includes readings
  • Interviews, phone consultations and guidance
  • Full preparation of the ceremony
  • Keepsake booklet of the ceremony
  • Certificates for relevant people
  • A small gift for the child
  • Public Address system for use in outdoor settings or with large numbers