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funeral servicesAt no other time than at the death of a loved one are we reminded of the fragility of human life. Life is a precious gift. A funeral is a time to celebrate the life of someone who has meant so much to us. The service should be appropriate to the deceased and a memorable gathering of farewell.

As mourners gathering together provides an opportunity for us to express our own grief for this deep loss. A well-organised service celebrates a life, farewells a soul and validates our own emotions.

Celebration of Life Services is a modern term for a funeral service. I work closely with the family to deliver a service that is dignified and meaningful. Many times we include items in the service that are personal to the deceased. Preparing the service is a time of farewell and a time for the family to make choices with special touches. I willingly assist people in this process with careful consideration to the details. We often include symbolic items for upliftment of the spirit and soul. Releasing of doves, candle lighting ceremonies and rose tributes when included in the service do include family and friends in a meaningful and respectful way.

Memorial Services occurs some time after the cremation or burial of a body. At a memorial service there is no body however there may be ashes. This is a unique service of remembrance honouring the passing of this special soul.

Scattering of the Ashes is a service conducted sometime after the cremation to bring closure to the process of death. A ceremony is delivered however this is generally a smaller more intimate gathering of family members. Often this service will take place on a property or near the water usually a place that was significant to the person who has passed away.

My professional fee is all inclusive and covers:

  • Guidance with rituals, the eulogy, music choices and readings
  • Interviews, phone consultations and guidance
  • Liaising with the funeral directors
  • Full preparation of the ceremony
  • Keepsake booklet of the ceremony
  • Public Address system for use in outdoor settings or with large numbers